S. Kessler. ( 2010, October 09). Why Social Media is Reinventing Activism. Retrieved from

This blog is very insightful. With pictures and videos from YouTube on how social media’s marketing tactics have changed activism. She takes different point of views and talks about how they all in some way do actually inspire many.


C. Myers ( 2010, December 9) Social Media Part of the Next Web Family. Retrieved from

This blog specifically focuses in on the opposite point of view and she is actually arguing Malcolm Gladwell on how it is very helpful. Along with the article I like how she used pictures and films to really explain her beliefs. (Great youtube video A Charity : Water)

This website is focused on different peoples blogs to tell there stories on activism. It shows how they are using social media to tell information to people. From articles to videos. This website has a wide variety of social media acts.


Schade, T. (March 30,2012) Social Media Activism is Powerful. Retrieved     from

In this blog Tom talks about how social media can not be beat. That social media is the center for much news and marketing tactics.



       Meikle, Graham (2002)  Future Active: Media Activism and The Internet.        Australia. Mckenzie Wark

In this book it takes social media now and how it has changed enormously since the 90’s. It talks about what the future for social media is going to work in our favor for activism.

News Papers

Angsioco, E. (2012, March 23). Social Media Activism. The Global Balita

This article gives the reader both perspectives on why social media is good and bad. It talks about specifics like twitter and how one see things in short characters and not full text which can give false understanding.

Eng, M. ( 2012, April 4). Social Media Activism transforms food industry. The        Detroit News.

This newspaper article focuses in on how social media has shown how certain foods are so bad. Talks about the “pink slime” that McDonalds and many fast food restaurants and how people were educated of this through social media sites.


Martin, M. (2012, April 9) Social Media Changing the Nature of Activism? Retrieved from

This website has an interview. It talks about how social media has taken the Trayvon Martin story and seen from many different perspectives and ideas. This is one of my favorite articles because it is more of an interview.

Om Careers Society (2012, January 21) The Brave New World of Social Media Activism. Retrived from

This website is great! This website has a step-by-step power point explaining what social media is. It talks about what causes it and how it has impacted us as humans.

This is actually a facebook “like” page where people can post this which they can post topics of social media activism. People can promote for certain things they are supporting. This is a really cool website and I would highly suggest looking at it and or posting something on it you would like for others to get involved with.

Lici, Matilda (2012, March 20) Guest For Change: Scoial Networking for social change. Retrieved from

This website is explaining what social media activism is and how one can start a campaign on there own. This is intriguing because it gives some input and push to start your own cite at no cost. It pushed for someone to campaign for something they truly believe in.

Guy, Monica ( 2011, October) The Pied Piper Effect. Retrieved from

This website by far is the most informational paper I have read on the matter of social media and its effect on the amount of people it hits. It analyzes how fast social media can spread information and how it is such a great tool for mobilizing  activist.


Tvochannel (2010, January 21). SOCIAL MEDIA: Online Activism Retrieved April 9, 2012 from

This video is different people talking about how facebook and twitter ect can help out social media activism. They talk about how it can open a wider variety of options to become more active.

Jillhamilton11 (2011, October 30). Activism and Social Media. Retrieved April 9, 2012 from

This video talks about the transformation of social media had on people. How activism it is seen as a completely different now then before social media.


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